Expediting Permits

Review and gather all documents needed to submit project to the appropriate agencies.  Communicate with design team and reviewers for approvals until a permit is obtained.

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County Permits

Need a permit through the county? We can help ensure that you have the right paperwork and file in a timely manner.

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Commercial & Residential Permits

Experienced in working on major retail developments, theme parks, hospitals, multi-family complexes, tenant finish-outs, and remodels.

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Since 1993

Experienced and Trusted Permit Expeditor

Because of my experience and relationships from my time working at The City of San Antonio's Development Services, I'm well position to assist in the sometimes challenging and complex permitting process.

My services, can be utilized from the beginning to till the end, or jumping in and getting the process moving to keep a goal timeline. Services are tailored to your needs.


Questions About Permitting Services?

Send us a message to request more information on permitting services and/or request a quote.